Whether you’re preparing taxes or coaching people to their financial goals, you’ll change lives and make an immediate difference. And have a little fun while you’re at it.

To volunteer as a financial coach in our Money Mentors program, click the button below. For more information on tax clinic volunteer opportunities, email Sara at volunteer@prepareandprosper.org.

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Financial Coach

Financial coaching is a personalized process that helps participants take action to reach their financial goals. Financial coaches don’t offer direct advice on financial issues; instead they offer support, resources, and encouragement to guide participants to their own answers. The key roles of a financial coach are to empower and hold participants accountable for their financial decisions and actions and to focus on behavior change while recognizing the material, mental, and emotional challenges that go along with tackling financial goals.

Financial coach applications are accepted until June 14, 2021. 

Where tax and money geeks unite!

When you volunteer, you’re giving back but you’re also getting in return. Meet like-minded people who love talking taxes and money, learn the nitty gritty through our high-quality trainings, join us for social events, and be a part of a team of geeks who are changing the world.

Meet Like-Minded People

We often hear volunteers say they’ve finally found their people. A place where they can connect with others who geek out over taxes, finances, and problem solving.

Expand your knowledge

We offer expert training to get you ready for your volunteer job. We dig into the nitty-gritty to equip you with knowledge and skill to help people with taxes, finances, and planning for the future.

Have a blast

We know how to make this work fun. Happy hours, game nights, contests, and more.

Squeezing every penny is kind of our thing.

We provide quality services that make a big impact on people’s pocketbooks and financial lives, and are always asking ourselves how we can do it better.