Get Your Refund Quicker and Safer

Open a prepaid debit card to direct deposit your refund onto at one of our tax clinics.

Direct Deposit is Better Than Checks.

It’s free. Use direct deposit to load paychecks, tax refunds, or benefits on your Focus card at no cost using the routing and account numbers on your Notice of Account Information form.

It’s convenient. No waiting for a check to clear. No trips to the bank or check casher. No check cashing fees.

It’s safe. You don’t have to carry around cash. Your funds can’t get lost or stolen.

About Our Focus Card.

The Focus Card has zero activation and monthly fees.

Avoid other fees by getting cash back with a purchase or using U.S. Bank, Allpoint, or MoneyPass ATMs for free.

You can load cash onto your card for $2-5.

Ask at the Tax Clinic.

If you’re interested in direct depositing your refund onto a Focus card, ask your tax preparer or the financial advocate volunteer at the tax site. It’s quick and easy.

If You Already Have a Focus Card.

  • Focus customer service provides the ongoing support for your card. They can be reached at 877-474-0010.
  • Use online banking or the mobile app to check your balance, monitor your funds, get support, and access the card’s savings option.
  • Your Focus card can be used for more than just your tax refund. Use it throughout the year and keep it for next tax season.
  • If your Focus card is lost, stolen, or never came in the mail, call 877-474-0010 to request a replacement.