Curious about the differences between financial counseling, coaching, and planning? We can help!

With so many financial experts and resources to choose from, it’s critical to pick the right choice(s) for your needs and financial goals. Prepare + Prosper and trusted partner organizations offer a variety of free programs and services to help you navigate your financial life.

Review the below statements to learn more about each option and determine which program(s) or service(s) may be right for you or someone you know.

These services and programs do not provide direct financial assistance or help with those in financial crisis.

Financial Planning: MN Financial Planning Association

A Certified Financial Planner © is a financial expert who can meet with you over the phone or Zoom for a one-time consultation on any of the following topics. It’s completely free and they aren’t allowed to sell you anything.

  • I am nearing retirement and need help figuring out distribution options.
  • I need help developing a retirement savings plans.
  • I want to determine appropriate life insurance policies.
  • I have inherited assets and I’m not sure how manage them.
  • I want to talk to someone about a 529 College Savings plan.
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Financial Coaching: Money Mentors at Prepare + Prosper

A Financial Coach is someone who helps you set a financial goal and works with you over several months to develop a plan to reach it. They can support you and share resources but they won’t judge your choices or give you advice.

  • I am financially stable and ready to take action to reach my own financial goal(s) (e.g. controlling
    spending, building saving, paying down debt, etc.)
  • I want a partner who will keep me accountable to reaching my financial goals.
  • I can commit myself to meet with a financial coach once each month for 6 months.

Financial Counseling

Financial Counselors are experts in helping people with very specific problems, like the things listed below. It’s free to meet with them, but some of their debt services may have a fee.

  • I am having trouble paying my student loans and/or understanding my repayment options.
  • I am struggling to manage my credit card debt.
  • I am worried about foreclosure on my home and want to talk about options.
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Banking + Credit Building: FAIR Financial

FAIR Financial is a banking and credit building solution designed to help you reach your financial goals. Accounts do not charge overdraft fees and are available to you regardless of your banking history*.

  • I am tired of paying overdraft and/or monthly fees on my checking account.
  • I can’t get a checking and/or savings account because of my banking history (e.g. ChexSystems).
  • I don’t have much of a credit history and want to start building my credit profile.

*Prior bank fraud activity excluded.


Payday Loan Debt: Exodus Lending

Exodus Lending can help you get out of the payday loan cycle by restructuring your loan for you so you can pay it off in small amounts over time.

  • I have payday loan debt that I need help paying off.
  • I have other debt from an online lender that has an interest rate greater than 36%.
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