About Us

We work with individuals and families to build brighter financial futures.  Prepare + Prosper believes everyone deserves access to financial wellness, economic justice and wealth-building opportunities regardless of income.  We provide free services as well as access to low-fee and no-fee banking options.

Why We Serve

70% of households in the U.S. are constrained by income, have limited savings, and/or are challenged by debt (according to Pew). What’s more, about 1 in 4 households in the U.S. are excluded from the financial mainstream. This amounts to more than 194,432 households in the Twin Cities and when you break it down by race, the disparities are stark—1 in 7 white households compared to 1 in 2 black and Latino households (according to the FDIC).

What does this mean? Many people have unpredictable income and are unprepared to weather a financial shock. Many have no checking or savings accounts, are paying high fees for  tax preparation, and have no access to affordable credit or loans. That translates into exorbitant fees and interest rates—hundreds of dollars for a simple tax return, 24% APR on a retail credit card, and 273% APR on a payday loan.

Prepare + Prosper, a nonprofit organization, works to build financial health and provide access to quality tax and financial services, and so much more. We are reshaping the financial landscape by partnering and innovating to offer services, products, and options that build wealth – not strip it – for families working hard to build a brighter financial future. We strive to work with people, communities, and systems to break down barriers and develop solutions to real financial opportunity and success.

Specifically, we provide free tax and financial services, financial coaching, and access to financial products. We also advocate and work to advance policies and practices that directly affect people with low- to moderate-incomes in the areas of tax credits, asset-building, and consumer protection.

Our approach

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Prepare + Prosper. We tap into the skill, expertise, and generosity of 550+ people to help low- and moderate-income individuals and families to move from “getting by” to “getting ahead.” Our volunteers are trained—those in the tax clinics are IRS-certified—and are passionate about taxes and finances. Collectively, they provide more than 26,000 hours of tax prep and financial services and coaching that change lives.

Our mission

Prepare + Prosper and its volunteers work with low- to moderate-income people to build financial well-being through free tax preparation and financial services, products, and coaching, and by changing systems to create economic opportunity.

Our values

  • Integrity and Responsiveness – We value transparency, openness, and accountability, and strive to listen and be responsive to the experiences, desires, needs, and barriers of our diverse community.
  • Innovation and Excellence – We strive to be a learning organization that seeks solutions to complex problems and barriers to financial well-being. We are committed to quality, improvement, and excellence in every aspect of our work.
  • Trust and Respect – We believe that individuals and families are capable and resilient, and must be respected and trusted as experts in their own financial lives.
  • Racial Equity and Economic Justice – We recognize the historical and current impact of racism on economic inequities. We are committed to addressing systemic racism and supporting customers in building their financial well-being.

Our history

Prepare + Prosper was founded by a group of like-minded, economic justice-oriented accountants in 1971. We began by providing free accounting services to small business owners and soon added individual tax preparation for low- to moderate-income taxpayers. Over the years we have grown by adding financial services and products in response to shifts in the tax and financial marketplace as well as the needs and desires of people with low- and moderate-income.

Our Strategic Plan

Learn more about where we are headed in our strategic plan.

Strategic Plan

“You never know where life’s road will lead you, but tax season helps make the future a financially secure one.” Meet Terrence