We’re a group of people passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives. And we geek out over taxes, finances, and all things money.

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Suyapa MirandaExecutive Director 262-2155
Deena AndersDevelopment
Alex BoutrousAssistant Director of Communications + 262-2171
Carla GaineyDeputy 262-2154
Madilynn GarciaAssistant Director of Development 262-2156
Willie GreggTax + Financial Services 262-2179
Kate HaighTax + Financial Services 262-2164
Claudia HoltFinancial Capability 262-2175
Kim HoverFinancial Inclusion Managerkim@prepareandprosper.org651-262-7178
Ryan Kjesbo-JohnsonAssistant Director of 262-2161
Mia KrohnFinancial Inclusion Coordinatormia@prepareandprosper.org651-262-2180
David LangleyEngagement 262-2158
Nicole LaumerVolunteer Resources 262-2163
Anne Leland ClarkFinancial Capability + Learning 262-2152
Thomas J. LarsonSelf-Employment 262-2159
Anel MendozaCustomer Service Manager + IRS Certified Acceptance 262-2177
Sara McCrackenVolunteer Resources 262-2174
Cieritta NateeMoney Mentors Coordinatorcieritta@prepareandprosper.org651-262-2166
Sean RyanDevelopment 262-2153
Margarita SanchezCustomer Service 209-6118
Katy SchultzTraining + Learning 262-2151
Carol ThompsonTax + Financial Services 287-0189
Alejandro Valenzuela Jr.Tax + Financial Services 262-2157