Sarah Batz

Financial Empowerment


Started at P + P: in August of 2022. I’ve been involved in the Money Mentors program since 2017, first as a participant and then as a coach. Prior to joining the team I worked in 401(k) Plan administration for several years, and ran a Women & Money Group to explore different aspects of finance with friends and acquaintances. In previous roles I facilitated sustainability projects in K-12 schools with Spark-Y Youth Action Labs, I was a cook at a couple Minneapolis establishments, and throughout my life a dance performer and choreographer.

In My Role: I manage the fabulous Money Mentors program.

Geeks out over: Creative cooking. Plants. Being next to the ocean. Outdoor adventures. Applied psychology. Details. I love digging into how people navigate money in close relationships. I have always and will always love dancing, whether it’s on stage or at a dance party.

When I’m not at P+P: You’ll probably find me cooking or eating with my husband Ben, hanging out outside, or spending quality time with friends and family. Or advancing some project or system in my life, since I’m relentlessly focused on growth and forward motion.