M. Kathleen Murphy

Director of Communications + Engagement
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Started at P+P:  In December of 2021. Prior to joining this amazing staff, I had been a communications consultant with 20 years of experience ranging from public policy advocacy to marketing, development, visual design, media relations, and campaign management. Some of my past positions include communications director for the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault, creative director for Children’s Home Society, and director of public policy advocacy for Midwest Health Center for Women, where I lobbied for reproductive rights and women’s health for 10 years.

In My Role: I oversee all things communications, including our message, delivery, branding, as well as our engagement and outreach to find partners in the work we do and to find participants that we can help on their path to financial capability and security.

Geeks out over: On the visually creative side: Font selections, design layouts, and creating logos. On other creative outlets: reading recipes and creating my own variations (and trying out new concoctions on friends), and discovering new craft cocktails and obscure craft beers (the weirder the better!)

When not at P+P: In the winter, I love cross-country skiing, and in the summer I love golfing. I also love that my dogs make me smile and laugh every day!