Claudia Holt

Financial Capability Manager

Started at P + P: I started as a financial services specialist (now financial manager) during the 2013 tax season knowing absolutely nothing about taxes or personal finance. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with both the financial capability field and P+P. I’ve had the opportunity to help with projects in almost every department at P+P, but have finally found a permanent home on the Financial Capability + Learning team.

In My Role: I get to manage our amazing Money Mentors financial coaching program AND help with getting the FAIR financial solution out into the community.

Geeks out over: Personal finance, obviously, but also the power of coaching, behavioral economics, and taxes. I’m the kind of person who corners people at parties to talk about credit scores and retirement savings. I love hearing people’s stories. I also know more than I should about honey bees.

When it’s not tax season: I’m a social gal and I like getting involved with various shenanigans around town. I sing in a band and a choir. I’m in a dinner party club, a cooking club, and a book club. I host spelling bees, trivia nights, pub crawls, and pancake breakfasts. I’m also a counselor at Chef Camp.