Carla Gainey

Deputy Director

Joined P+P: I joined the organization in January 1998, when the organization was called the Minnesota Accounting Aid Society and had a team of three staff. I have been part of the organization’s growth that included two more name changes – AccountAbility Minnesota and Prepare + Prosper. Throughout my tenure I managed volunteers, developed tax site programming and volunteer training, launched and managed the statewide technical tax assistance program, and now currently oversee the organization’s internal operations. I am passionate about the organization and its amazing staff that continue to work hard to bring tax and financial services and products to the community.

In my role: I am responsible for overseeing the organization’s financial management, internal operations, human resources volunteer resources, and customer services to help Prepare + Prosper fulfill its mission.

Geeks out over: I still love to learn about the latest tax law and get excited when the Volunteer Training Manual arrives from the printer. I enjoy reading crime novels and watching crime shows. My favorite “geek out” however is my grandchildren. My grandchildren make my heart fill with joy and turn my world upside down and all around!

When I’m not at P+P: I love spending time with my family and enjoying what life has to offer.