Anne Leland Clark

Financial Capability + Learning Director
Pronouns: she/her/hers

Started with Prepare + Prosper (P+P):  P+P was my nonprofit crush! My first encounter with P+P (then AccountAbility Minnesota) was with an outreach team of tax geeks who visited the adult English school I managed for the Minnesota Literacy Council. Then, I went to graduate school to pursue my Masters in Public Policy (MPP ‘10) where I wrote a research paper about the importance of the EITC and P+P’s services! My crush deepened when I decided to become a volunteer tax preparer in 2011. Our stars aligned in April 2011 when they hired me as financial services manager to manage our tax time financial services program.

In my role: Fast forward to today and several title changes, I’m now the financial capability + learning director. In 2017, I entrusted P+P’s tax time financial capability work to the newly integrated tax and financial services department. Together with my team, we innovate and implement P+P’s year-round financial coaching program called Money Mentors and the Financial Access and Inclusion (FAIR) Initiative. I also oversee P+P’s internal and external evaluation work.

Geeks out over:  Behavioral psychology and human-centered design! In short, I love engaging in conversations with our customers to improve the way we do business! Have you ever read NUDGE? It’s awesome! I’m also a huge fan of financial technology or “FinTech” and building behavioral nudges into digital solutions!

When I’m not at P+P:  I enjoy frequenting farmers’ markets, trying new recipes, reading and podcasting, and spending time with my dog-child, Finn!