MPR News with Angela Davis: Ask us anything about the tax code

“The ides of April — or April 15 — is Tax Day. The day has been immortalized in everything from specialty cakes to pop songs. This year, the 15th is a Friday, so you get the weekend and don’t have to file until Monday the 18th. If those two…

Politico: Fearing filing season chaos, IRS hits pause on web tool for Child Tax Credit

“The IRS is encouraging low earners to fill out a traditional tax return, both so they don’t have to wait for their money and because they can also qualify for other tax benefits in addition to the child credit.” Read more.

LA Times: Tax season is here, with some COVID-19-era changes

“Those who have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number instead of a Social Security number need to make sure it’s renewed before they file their tax return.” Read more.

Minnesota Public Radio: News with Angela Davis

“Millions of people lost their jobs because of the pandemic — a hit that could take years to recover from.” Read more.

Star Tribune: Prepare + Prosper prepares low-income folks prepare for an enriched future

“Alica Whitmore was a young single mom with suffocating bills and student loans when she visited the Prepare + Prosper office at the Urban League in north Minneapolis for help with her 2011 taxes. “I was working three part-time retail…

Star Tribune: Business People

“On the board Prepare + Prosper, St. Paul, named to its board: Neera Chatterjee of Wells Fargo and Brian Strittmater of Target.” Read more.

[News Release] Prepare + Prosper welcomes new members to Board of Directors

Media Contact: Stacy Opitz, Prepare + Prosper / 651-262-2162 Photos: SAINT PAUL, MN (October 1, 2019) – Neera Chatterjee and Brian Strittmater have joined the Board of Directors at Prepare +…

Fox9 News: Nonprofit helps Minnesotans file taxes ahead of deadline

“A Twin Cities nonprofit is helping hundreds of low and moderate-income taxpayers file their taxes before Monday’s deadline. Prepare + Prosper has helped more than 8,000 people file their taxes for free, and returned $18.2 million…

Spokesman Recorder: Twin Cities nonprofits unite to serve ‘underbanked’ communities

“Traditional banking doesn’t work for everyone — especially low-income communities. Whether there are issues of mistrust and a desire to avoid fees, bad financial decisions or flat out racism, many financially underserved communities buck…

[News Advisory] In the final days of tax season, local nonprofit continues to help low-income people file their taxes

Media Advisory/Photo-Op Contact: Stacy Opitz, Prepare + Prosper 651-329-8227 (cell)  WHAT: Twin Cities nonprofit Prepare + Prosper anticipates helping hundreds of low- and moderate-income taxpayers file their taxes before…

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