This holiday season, we pause to extend our gratitude to everyone who moves our mission forward.

Prepare + Prosper is the totality of its – our – people and partners. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel wonder by and gratitude for the totality of what our people and partners give: their time, talents, sweat, trust, treasure, stories, brainpower, capital, referrals, many laughs, and sometimes their tears. For all of this, I am truly grateful.

Now, for my Prepare + Prosper Haiku:

Prepare + Prosper
Its people who entrust us
With big & small things

Taxes and money
Complex and connected to
Wellbeing and health

Volunteers, donors
Customers, partners, & staff
Grateful for your trust

Tracy, Executive Director

To our participants and customers,

The greatest motivating factor in my work at Prepare + Prosper is hearing your stories. Sometimes they are stories of hardship and sometimes they are stories of joy. Taxes and finances can present heavy challenges, but I see you pushing through them with inspiring resilience. It drives me to fight harder for wealth and prosperity in our communities. I feel privileged to be able to celebrate your successes with you and dream about the future. I know most of you would not consider yourself financial geeks like myself, but I thank you for sharing those “money moments” with us when you’re here. Thank you for your patience during tax clinics, your openness during Money Mentors, your excitement about FAIR, and, of course, your stories.

Claudia, Financial Capability Manager

I want to say thank you to our many wonderful donors. I process the donations at P+P, and create each and every thank you letter. Because of you, I get to express gratitude every day. It’s a satisfying job, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. Naturally, thank you for your financial support, but on top of that, thank you for the opportunity to connect with you. You’re a special kind of person – you found our services, appreciate our niche work, align with our mission, and believe we’re capable of reaching our aspirational goals. Your support means a lot to everyone here at Prepare + Prosper. We are so lucky to be connected with you.

Lydia, Development Coordinator

Dear Volunteers,

I see you.

I see you driving through the freezing cold to get to our tax sites.

I see you devoting hours of your time to learn how to better serve others.

I see you supporting your fellow volunteers through the process.

I see you, once a week for four hours, prioritizing our customers over your own important to-do lists.

You could be doing your laundry, grocery shopping, playing with your children, calling loved ones or taking time for yourself. But no. You, giving and generous soul, are sitting in a tax clinic,  in the dead of winter,  bringing your knowledge and expertise to the table for the purpose of serving others.

I see you staying late to help us clean up at the end of the night.

I see you patiently walking a customer through the process, for the fourth time, to make sure they understand it.

I see you taking feedback with earnest humility and willingness to improve.

I see you coming back year after year.

I want you to know that we see you, and know your devotion runs deep. You are creating the change we want to see in the world, and we will not take you for granted.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Nicole, Volunteer Resources Manager

At P+P we get the joy of working with many partners every year. Our work is strengthened by these connections. The magic of our tax season work would be impossible if not for the community organizations who host our tax clinics. Our programs would not be of service if it wasn’t for the hundreds of community organizations that promote tax season, Money Mentors financial coaching, and FAIR accounts. THANK YOU for sharing your space and committing resources to bring an essential service to your community. THANK YOU for believing in our work and spreading the word. You incorporate our mission into your own! We are honored and grateful that you choose to do so each tax season and all year round.

Katy, Tax + Financial Services Director

Dear P+P Community,

I’ve only been working at Prepare + Prosper (P+P) for about a month at this time, yet I want to extend a giant, huge, overarching thank you to the greater P+P community – to the volunteers, the donors, and everyone involved in making this organization possible.

My first week that I started was Give to the Max – an intimidating undertaking no matter how long you’ve been working somewhere, and yet, in retrospect I’m incredibly thankful that it was the event that kick started my time here. P+P’s Give to the Max campaign was overwhelmingly successful and a perfect encapsulation of the teamwork and gratitude that permeates this organization. It was both humbling and touching as I watched the amount of donors pour in through our main page, our staff pages, our board pages and our volunteers’ – so many people are involved in making this organization happen, and as it all unfolded before me, I felt so thankful that I am now a part of this incredible network.

In closing, thank you to each of you – I feel so excited to be working alongside you.

Elena, Development Manager