Prepare + Prosper

By Lauren Heeralall

It all began as a trainee

I became a part of the volunteer staff tree

To learn the ins and outs of tax

I wasn’t confident but I told myself to relax

My first shift was fulfilling

My knowledge of taxes was instilling

I started as a tax preparer

I learned with trial and error

It felt great to give and not expect anything in return

Although, promotion to tax reviewing was an upturn

People of low-income were in need

This encouraged me to exceed

They rely on their tax refunds each year

This was my goal as a volunteer

Three changes in myself I have seen

My passion for taxes is keen

A greater gratitude for the life I’ve been given

My confidence has driven

I grew more as a professional

The experience was unquestionable

The information I worked with was private

We must not judge until we live it

To give back to the community

What a great opportunity

Although this was required

It was something that left me inspired

The impact on peoples’ lives was magnificent

I’m thankful to be a participant


Lauren, an accounting student at the University of St. Thomas, was a first year volunteer tax preparer and reviewer with Prepare + Prosper this tax season. She spent her time in our remote tax prep program for taxpayers who are elderly or home-bound. This poem was an assignment of her Business 200 class, through which she was required to do 40 hours of service. Her volunteer experience with Prepare + Prosper has inspired her to go into the tax side of accounting.