Prepare + Prosper (P+P) could not make a dent in the work that we do without volunteers. Our volunteer team is a force of 550+ passionate people who dedicate their time, skills, and talents to help run our tax clinics, prepare taxes, and coach people on reaching their financial goals. There is no two ways about it, volunteers are the lifeblood of our work.

Each tax season, we look to recruit hundreds of new volunteers to join our team. I may be biased as the volunteer resources manager, but P+P offers a great opportunity for people to get involved in their own community, make a major and lasting impact in someone’s life, and have fun during Minnesota winters.

As we set out to recruit this season’s volunteer team, I share a list of reasons why:

Make a difference in the financial lives of others. Through volunteering you are helping people in your community better their financial situation and build a brighter financial future. Tax-time is an opportunity for people to move from “just getting by” to “getting ahead.” You are providing free and quality services that many people don’t have access or sometimes pay excessive fees for.

See the impact. When volunteering with P+P, you will see immediate impact of your work. One hour of your work can put an average of $2,000 in someone’s pocket. You will work face-to-face with our customers and you will learn a lot about their financial lives. A tax refund can add up to 40% of one’s income – image that reaction when you share the good news!

Be part of a community that is quirky, passionate, and smart. The community we create around our volunteer team is something we are proud of. You’ll meet and get to know your fellow volunteers as well as the people receiving service. Our volunteer opportunities allow you to learn about and have conversations with people you may otherwise wouldn’t meet.

Build your skills and boost that resume. Gain or enhance skills and knowledge in the areas of tax, finances, problem solving, and customer service. Not only is volunteering your time good for the community, but studies also show that volunteers have a 27% higher likelihood of finding a job than non-volunteers. No tax experience is needed. We have volunteer opportunities that don’t require tax knowledge.

Have fun. We all geek over something, whether that’s a love for numbers, problem solving, navigating systems and procedures, the tax code, credit reports, or simply meeting new people. At P+P, we embrace the geekiness in all of us and we create opportunities to share in each other’s geeky company. Game night, happy hours, appreciation and networking events, contests, and volunteer spotlights are all part of the gig!