There’s a brightness to Namibia that’s hard to miss. She says hello to people passing on the street and takes the extra time to hold open the door. She’s engaged, full of smiles and takes a deep breath before responding to you—because she’s really been listening and has a thoughtful answer.

Namibia’s kind heart and cheerful demeanor make her well-suited to her role as a community outreach coordinator at North Hennepin Community College, where she’s worked for the past seven years. Helping people get the resources and education they need is a part of who Namibia is.

I always knew serving others in some capacity was important—it’s the passion and the foundation of my family structure, and it’s what I know to be normal.

Namibia believes strongly in the importance of education and the ability to access resources. She’s seen first hand how education and social services can transform someone’s life. She grew up watching her mother overcome challenges to make a better life for her and her family.

There were times when we were homeless, low-income, and had to use various services. I see the importance of resources in a community—not for people to stay in the same place, but to be able to overcome that point in your life.

Now, Namibia works to educate others about the resources available to them. She has been a financial manager for Prepare and Prosper (P+P) since the tax-time financial services program began in 2006. Working primarily at the Minneapolis Urban League tax site, Namibia sees her role as part of P+P’s seasonal, part-time staff as an opportunity to educate customers about saving and to help them establish firm financial footing.

I enjoy meeting people, working with volunteers and staff.  It’s kind of home for me, working within my community—I get to encourage and empower people. It’s a good part-time job to have that fits my schedule.

Working with P+P, Namibia is able to combine her love for community and her passion for education. She knows that education, in any form, helps people do better. At P+P, she is able to educate people about finances and share the knowledge that has helped her.

Whoever the people are, whatever the community is, when they have the knowledge and resources, they can get from where they are to being successful.