Our impact

Your gift goes a long way.

We spend with intention. We leverage your support and community resources to ensure that we assist as many working taxpayers as possible.

We are guided by the belief that an individual’s ability to access tax services should not depend solely on his or her ability to pay for them.

Because of our free services, low-income families and individuals receive 100% of the refunds and tax credits that they are due and deserve – refunds that can add up to 40% of their income and move them above the poverty line.

Scope of our work

In 2016:

  • Identified and filed for $25.3 million in refunds for taxpayers in Minnesota
  • Assisted 13,461 taxpayers in filing 28,712 tax returns, free of charge
  • Enlisted the help of 575 volunteers who donated 28,607 hours 
  • Helped 1,234 taxpayers to save more than $1.9 million
  • 139 people are working toward their financial goal in our coaching program, Money Mentors