We couldn’t do what we do without community partners.

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Partners get what we do and understand the vital role we play in the community. With 400+ partners—nonprofits, schools, government agencies, and libraries—we have an expansive network of organizations that help make our work a success. And we are so grateful.

What it means to be an outreach partner:

  • Receive information and education on tax and financial services useful to the people you work with and/or serve
  • Talk about and promote our free services and opportunities
  • Display and distribute our free outreach materials
  • Share info and updates on social media and in newsletters

Taxes 101 webinar series

Taxes 101 is a free, educational webinar series on tax and financial basics. It’s geared toward service providers or people who work with low- and moderate-income individuals and families. Watch the recording to gain an understanding of how to help people prepare for tax season, free filing options, filing statuses and credits, and ways to make tax refunds have a lasting impact. It’s produced by Prepare + Prosper, the Claim it! campaign, University of Minnesota Extension, and Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid.

Watch the recording.


Make referrals to our financial coaching program, Money Mentors

Wondering how you can help the people you work with or serve take the next step towards financial stability? Our financial coaches can help. You can help future participants with the application process and get connected to resources.

Help us recruit volunteers

Are you searching for new ways to keep your employees or students engaged in the community? We may be the perfect fit! We have volunteers with diverse backgrounds and a variety of positions available year-round.