Top 10 reasons to volunteer

We're recruiting volunteers for our off-season tax clinics that start in June. Read our latest Spark article by Kelly, volunteer resources manager, for 10 reasons why you should volunteer with us!

I just love doing taxes

Our most recent Spark article highlights a long-time volunteer, Andrew.

Procrastinating on taxes? Get some last-minute tips

Sun Sailor

An open letter to my coach

Check out our latest Spark article by Maeve, a participant in our Money Mentors program.

Build a Nest Egg at Tax Time

Greening Frogtown

Want a financial coach?

We are now enrolling applicants into our free financial coaching program, MONEY MENTORS.

What we've been up to at the Capitol

This session, we've been advocating for bills to support the Working Family Credit and our programs. Learn more in our Spark article "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu."

Check out Spark!

Prepare + Prosper has launched a new online magazine.

The Journey: Savings program for lower-income workers facing challenges

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