Give to the Max Day!

On November 16, #givetogeeks at Prepare + Prosper. Support the work of people dreaming big and working hard to build brighter financial futures.

The bloodline of this organization is the passionate—and yes, sometimes geeky—people who love preparing taxes, talking about savings strategies, connecting people to financial products that will help them succeed, and through all of that, changing the trajectory of lives.

What to know.

  • Donations will be doubled thanks to a $38,620 matching fund from our volunteers and donors! Gifts now through Nov. 16 count toward our goal and the match.
  • Donors at $100+ (or $10/month) will receive a Get Your Geek On limited-edition 2018 calendar featuring people like Jay.

Give here on November 16!

Jay geeks out over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and getting his taxes done right!