About Us

Our work is rooted in economic justice.

In 1971 a group of tax professionals came together with the same belief -- an individual’s access to quality tax assistance and financial services should not depend solely on one’s ability to pay for such services. Shortly thereafter, Prepare + Prosper was formed and began providing free tax prep to low- and moderate-income individuals.

After 45 years of service, our scope of work has broadened. We assist Minnesotans to move out of poverty by providing pathways to increase income, build assets and become financially secure, and by advocating for change that breaks down barriers to financial success. We do this by:

  • Providing free tax assistance each year to thousands of low-income working taxpayers and sole-proprietors in the Twin Cities, and helping them to maximize the tax credit refunds they are due to significantly boost their incomes.
  • Partnering with financial institutions and community organizations to expand access to financial products and services that encourage low- and moderate-income taxpayers to use their cash credits to build assets and improve their long-term financial security.

We leverage our community’s resources.

At Prepare + Prosper, we tap into our community’s strength and generosity to assist our low- and moderate-income individuals and families to move from “getting by” to “getting ahead.” We do so with a dedicated team of more than 550 trained volunteer accountants, tax practitioners, accounting students and other individuals. Collectively, they provide more than 26,000 hours of tax prep and financial education that ultimately puts more money into the hands of hardworking families and local economies.

Read our 2013-17 strategic plan and 2016 annual report.