FAIR -- The Financial Access In Reach Initiative

The Financial Access in Reach (FAIR) Initiative is a cross-sector collaboration, led by Prepare + Prosper, consisting of nonprofits, public, philanthropic and community partners who share a vision of connecting financially underserved consumers to opportunities that increase their financial health and wealth. 

FAIR: Financial Solution

At the core of FAIR is the three-product Financial Solution, issued through First-Citizens Bank & Trust, designed to help individuals transact affordably and safely, build savings and credit, and rid themselves of high-cost fees and interest from predatory financial products and services. The products were built with input from more than 150 financially underserved consumers.

FAIR's distribution model is unique. It won't rely on bank branches, instead will be offered in places people live, work, and receive services like nonprofits and employers. 

Current stage

We have enrolled 53 people in the products. We're spending time learning from them and their experiences, adjusting and tweaking the products and distribution model for a pilot in early 2018 and full launch in 2020. 

If you're interested in:

  • Learning more about the inititative, call Anne Leland Clark at 651-262-2152.
  • Getting the products or becoming a distributor, contact Brian Crosby at 651-262-2173.
  • Supporting the FAIR initiative finacially, contact Amelia Colwell Reedy at 651-262-2156.
  • If you're a member of the media, contact Stacy Opitz at 651-262-2162.

Media coverage

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