Willie Gregg

Tax Services Manager

Started at P + P: I started at my current role July of 2016, but before that I worked two tax seasons as a customer service representative helping field the large amount of calls to P + P. Previously I worked as a tax preparer at Liberty Tax Service. I also worked seasonally once the tax season was over in the landscaping field as a gardener and landscape designer.

In My Role: I help facilitate the tax operations. I work a lot helping with customer questions, issues, and more complex scenarios. I enjoy the fact that I am always problem solving and each day is a little different from the previous.

Geeks out over: Plants, gardening, soil, Spanish, travelling the US and abroad, politics, the sporting event of the moment, and what to do with all those tomatoes.

When it’s not tax season: At work if we’re not still filing taxes we’re planning for next tax season. Outside of work I try to be outdoors as much as I can camping, hiking, biking or in the garden picking the fruits and vegetables in season.