Thomas Larson

Self-Employment Manager

Started with Prepare + Prosper (P+P):  In 2006 with the self-employment program as a coordinator and later became manager. Prior to joining P+P, I worked extensively with the Latino community in employment, education, citizenship, and tax programs. I also worked for MNDOR as seasonal staff.

In my role:  I manage the self-employment program doing everything from advising customers to managing tax clinics to organizing trainings and workshops for volunteers and customers.

Geeks out over:  I thoroughly enjoy learning more and more about finances and taxes and passing that knowledge on to our customers. It’s doubly fun to do that in two languages, too!

When it’s not tax season:  There are still plenty of tax activities: off-season clinics, other services and advocacy for taxpayers, and workshops helping our self-employed customers run their businesses better. My favorite things to do are cross country ski, play tennis and practice the movement arts (qi gong, martial arts), cook, and read mysteries.