Stacy Opitz

Communications + Marketing Director

Started with Prepare + Prosper (P+P):  In November 2009 as the communications and marketing manager and became director shortly after that. Prior to joining P+P, I worked at Casa de Esperanza, Minneapolis Public Library turned Hennepin County Library, and CLUES. I’ve spent a lot of time working with the Latino community – through jobs and volunteer work with the former Riverview Economic Development Association one St. Paul’s West Side.

In my role:  I oversee all communication, marketing, media, and outreach functions of the organization and play a part in other external functions, like fundraising and advocacy.

Geeks out over:  Branding, painting pictures with words, and innovating to communicate impact and passion (and to compete with the big guys) on a shoestring budget.

When it’s not tax season:  Studying up to finally learn how to prepare my own tax return as well as planning, strategizing, designing, and writing. You can also find me brunching, boating, golfing, planning my next trip, and exploring the world through the eyes of my four little nephews.