Latisha Moening

Financial Services Coordinator

Started with Prepare + Prosper (P+P): I started as a seasonal employee in 2015 for my college internship. I bounced around a bit with in the organization to help where I could while I was finishing my degree. I came on-board initially as an intake manager, and later also as a FAIR facilitator and assisted with Money Mentors program as the financial capability intern. I took some time off for the birth of my third child and was excited to see open positions posted around the time I had hoped to go back to work.

In my role: In my role as financial services coordinator I will work with seasonal staff, our volunteers, and our diverse community of customers at tax time and throughout the off season on offering financial services and products. I enjoy working one-on-one with people and their families trying to figure out what might be best for them.

Geeks out over: Travel and new experiences! I love setting financial goals to help me get to new places on my bucket list regularly!

When it’s not tax season: You can catch me planning my next vacation, training for a long hike, out for a girl’s night of dancing or spending time with my crazy, beautiful family! I enjoy introducing my children to new places and foods through travel as well as doing board game nights.